About the Hub

Collaborative Knowledge Exchange Hub is intended for the participants of our training and events as well as our trainers and business partners who collaborate with us in individual training or event. 

The collaborative hub enables: 

  1. internal communication between the trainers and registered participants before the start of training or event; 
    The participants can influence the content of the programme (including when programmes are determined in advance) by providing questions to trainers within a given deadline before the start of training or event. This does not apply for training and events that can no longer be influenced, e.g. where the deadline for questions has already expired, or in the case of recordings of already implemented trainings and events. 
  2. access to materials connected with the training or event and recommended web links enabling a further development of participants immediately after the end of training or event or according to the work method of individual lecturers already during the training or event; 
  3. access to the forum and a discussion by participants regarding the topic discussed at the training or event immediately after the end of the training or event. 

Communication in the collaborative hub is usually held in the English language. 

Access to the internal part of the hub is given to trainers and business partners during the preparation for the training or event. Participants of individual training or event receive access to the internal part of the hub within three working days after the receipt of payment for an individual training or event to our bank account, i.e. normally still before the start of training or event. 

Find detailed terms and conditions of use at Legal Notices & Terms.