Collaborative Knowledge Exchange Hub operates as part of WOTRA d.o.o., which has established partnerships with many experts and organizations, either in terms of the organization of consultations and training or co-operation on European projects. This collaborative hub and the future “WOTRA Focus – Development Navigator” portal are opening up new opportunities for collaboration.

We welcome the following profiles to co-operate with us:

  • experts in individual fields with international experience in consultation or lecturing;
  • experts in individual fields in the role of authors of articles and papers;
  • development partners for new professional classical and on-line contents;
  • on-line expert seminar holders;
  • translators for co-operation in translation of professional contents from Slovenian to foreign languages and vice versa;
  • co-organizers of trainings and events in Slovenia and other countries;
  • classroom and hall providers;
  • all who would like to co-operate with us in the development and promotion of intelligent society.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, call us or complete the "Inquiry Form".